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  • Do you live in, or close to, Rotorua?
  • Are you in need of training with your software?
  • Is your word processor getting the better of you?
  • Did you know that Tabs and Tables are not just words?
  • Using a calculator, but don’t know how to use a spreadsheet?
  • Having trouble finding the files you know you saved yesterday?
  • Taking too long to do work that should only take half an hour?
  • Wanting to purchase a Domain Name or get a Web Site going?
  • Is the photo of a friend in front of a window just a silhouette?
  • Do you have several hundred files in one place and can’t sort them?
  • Are you wanting to connect into broadband but don’t really know how?
  • Computer not running as it used to after a visit from the grandchildren?

Do you see yourself in any of the above? Then read on . . . . .

If you are in need of training with your software, web design or just having your computer "tuned up", call Wayne.

Abingdon Computing Essentials has been years in the making. First established in 1996, it flourished as a small part-time after-hours business. But was never really more that a hobby and then unfortunately it had to be placed on the back burner for several years.

Wayne Parkinson, the owner, has completed 23 years teaching the fine art of using a computer efficiently at Waiariki Institute of Technology. This was with many students from Rotorua, surrounding districts and international students. That period came to an end in August 2009 and Wayne brought the business into a full-time adventure.

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